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  • Physiotherapy

    The main aim of physiotherapy is to restore mobility and movement of joints and muscles after injury or illness.

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  • Foot and Ankle Physiotherapy

    Designed for patients who wish to be seen by a physiotherapist who specialises in foot & ankle conditions.

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  • Physiotherapy for Runners

    This service is designed by a runner for runners! Give the clinic a ring and see how you can improve!

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What our patients say


Just to let you know I've run 64 miles since seeing you with no particular concerns. A 20 mile downland run yesterday. Quite amazing to me considering that 4 days before seeing you I could only run 30 meters! I thought I'd be out for a while and the ultra down the pan. Fingers crossed, I'm right back on the plan and loving running in the good weather.

Thanks again and I'll keep your card in a safe place.

Kevin H.

  • AFAP
  • Brighton Phoenix Running Club
  • Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • HCPC registered
  • Physio First
  • Physios in Sport